Add all Domain Users to an Organisation

You can automatically add all users with email addresses in the same domain to a Coggle Organisation, which simplifies managing an Organisation with large numbers of users.

To configure full-domain access:

  1. Open the Organisation's settings dashboard, and navigate to the Authentication tab
  2. Copy the Coggle verification token from the domain access section. This token is not secret, but it is different for each Organisation.
  3. The Coggle verification token must be added to the DNS TXT record for your email domain in your existing DNS provider.
    • If there is already a DNS TXT record for your email domain, add the Coggle token at the end of the existing value, separated by a new line or space.
    • The domain of the TXT record must be the domain you use for email addresses (it might be a subdomain like 
    • Access to DNS is often tightly controlled, so only a few people in your IT team may be able to make the DNS change.
  4. Allow the DNS record to propagate. This may take up to two days depending on your DNS TTL setting.
  5. After the new DNS TXT record has propagated, return to the Organisation settings, and enter your email domain in the box in the domain access section, then click 'Add'.
  6. The DNS record will be validated, and if successful all existing Coggle accounts with email addresses in your domain will be added to your Organisation as members. Whenever a new user logs in to Coggle in the future with an email address using your domain they will also be automatically added. (People in your domain who have never used Coggle will not be added until they create an account)

Note: if you are using SAML single sign on it is not necessary to also verify the domain - the users you configure to allow access to Coggle in your domain's SAML Identity Provider will already be automatically added to your Organisation.

If you are using Coggle for educational purposes we can apply a full-domain site license discount, and may be able to offer a fixed-price option to help manage costs. Please get in touch at letting us know how many people you plan to use Coggle with for details.