Adjust the font size in a Coggle Diagram

There are two ways to adjust the font size in a Coggle diagram. This article is about adjusting the size of individual items, to add emphasis. If you want to make all of the text in a diagram bigger, it's better to scale/zoom the whole page to your preference.

To adjust the text size of an item, drag the grip that appears in the corner of the text editing area.

  • Drag upwards or downwards to change the size of the text
  • Drag left or right to control the width that text wraps at

You can also change the text size using our  keyboard shortcuts, for more precise control, and adjust the font size of multiple items at the same time.

To use keyboard shortcuts to adjust the text size, first click on an item to edit it, and then:

  • [ctrl] + [+] (or [command] + [+] on Mac) increases the text size to the next standard size.
  • [ctrl] + [-] reduces the text size.
  • [ctrl] + [shift] + [+] increases the text size by exactly 1px.
  • [ctrl] + [shift] + [-] reduces the text size by exactly 1px.
  • [ctrl] + [0]sets the text size of the current item back to the default.

It isn't possible to change the typeface font in Coggle, but you can also use fixed-width text, bold and italic text by using the  Markdown formatting that we support:

  • wrap text in `back-ticks` for fixed-width text.
  • Use **double asterisks** for bold
  • Use *single asterisks* for italic.