Delete a branch in a diagram

There are several ways to remove a branch in a diagram:

  1. Right click on the text to open the context menu (or press and hold on it using a touchscreen device). Then click on the "delete branch" option in the context menu.
  2. Alternatively, on a desktop device, hold either the [ctrl] or [alt] keys, and hover over the text of the item. An (X) will appear which you can click to remove it.
  3. Finally, you can also press the backspace key twice in an empty item, and it will be removed, or use the[ctrl] + [shift] + [backspace] shortcut. (These are easy ways to remove items without having to use the mouse)

When a branch is removed it will remove the item and all of the child items connected to it. To remove an item without removing its children, hold the [ctrl] key, or the [alt] key after opening the context menu, and the delete branch icon will turn into the icon to remove just one item.

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