Add images to your Coggle diagram.

To add an image to any item in a diagram, click on the image icon in the text editing area, then select the image to upload:

A progress bar will be displayed while the image is being uploaded, then once it's uploaded, the Markdown formatting for the image will be added to the item. Once you close the item, the image will be displayed:

Images uploaded on the free plan are resized to a fairly small size before uploading (to ensure that we can host them sustainably for free). Images uploaded on any paid plain are uploaded at a much larger size. To resize an image after adding it drag the lower right corner of the image.

Images can also be added by dragging & dropping the image file from any folder on your computer onto the diagram: if the image is dropped near to an existing item, it will be added to it. If the image is dropped further a way a new item will be created for the image, and connected to a nearby branch.

As well as uploading your own images, you can use any of the over 1600 beautiful high-resolution icons built into Coggle for free,  see here.