Change the colour of a branch

Here's how to change the colour (or color) of a branch in your Coggle diagram:

  1. Right click the branch that you'd like to change to bring up the menu.
  2. Select the colour wheel icon: 
  3. Select the new colour for the branch. The inner ring of colours is available for everyone, for access to the extra colours in the outer ring upgrade to any of our paid plans.

For mind map branches (without a shape), the colour will be applied to the branch and all its descendants. If you'd like to just change the colour of the current branch without changing everything attached below it, just hold [shift] while selecting the new colour.

For shapes, the colour will be applied only to the shape and its own connecting branch. Hold [shift] when clicking to apply to all descendents.

Tip: You can also bring up the colour wheel by clicking directly on a branch.