Embed a Coggle Diagram in a Webpage

You can share a Coggle diagram with everyone who visits your blog or website by embedding it in the page. All of your visitors will be able to view it without having to click a link, and unlike using an image, visitors can pan and zoom the embedded Coggle map, and (if you allow it) make their own copies to edit.

To embed a Coggle mind map, first open the diagram that you want to share, and click the sharing icon in the top right to open the sharing dialog:

Click the “Embed <>” button, and some html code will be generated that you can use to embed the diagram:

To embed the Coggle, copy and paste the code into the html of your own page. You can change the width and height of the embedded Coggle by editing the width=‘853’, and height='480’ values in the embedding code.
In order to allow embedding, a “private link” was also generated for the Coggle. You can control the access that the link provides, and revoke access, by hovering over the link:

Click the trash can icon to delete the link (which will prevent your embedded Coggle from loading). The green duplicate icon allows you to control whether people viewing the embedded Coggle can create their own copies to edit or download. Click it to toggle between copies allowed and disallowed.