Copy a Coggle Diagram

To copy a Coggle diagram that you've created, or that's been shared with you:

  1. Hover over the diagram in your documents list, then click the three dots icon for the diagram options:
  2. Then click on the 'create a copy' icon to duplicate the diagram:If you don't see the copy icon here, then the person who's shared the diagram with you hasn't given you permission to copy it. Ask them to make sure your permission is set to either 'Author', or 'Read and Create Copies'
  3. The copy of the diagram will immediately open for editing. It's a good idea to change the title of the copied diagram to distinguish it from the original!

The copy will be saved either in the same folder as the original if you have sufficient access to the folder to create diagrams there, or if not (such as a diagram in your 'shared with me' folder, or in another read-only folder), the copy will be created in your own 'created by you' folder.

Or, to copy a read-only template diagram for editing:

  1. Open the diagram
  2. Click on the copy icon in the top right of the diagram page. You will be prompted to log in if you aren't already logged in:You won't see the copy icon in the corner of the diagram unless it's a read-only diagram which you are able to make copies of (you have 'read and create copies' permission). You won't see the icon if you have editing access - in that case use the steps above to copy it from your documents list.
  3. The copy will be saved in your own 'created by you' folder, and will immediately be opened for you to edit.