Change the Shape of Items

Change the style of items in your diagram to give them emphasis, or to create flowcharts.

To choose a shape, right-click on an item (long-press on mobile devices), then choose the shape icon.

Tip: hold [shift] while selecting the shape to apply the shape to all the children of the current item as well.

The shape menu will open, click to choose the shape that you want to use:

The shapes available in Coggle

Shapes in Coggle

These shapes are available to everyone for free:

  • Text alongside branch (normal Coggle mind map item)
  • Rectangle with points (Coggle mind map root item)
  • Rectangle (normal flowchart step)
  • Oval / Half-rounded Rectangle (flowchart start/end)
  • Text Interrupting Branch (top-down org charts)

The additional shapes are included in all our paid plans:

  • Parallelogram
  • Trapezium
  • Diamond (flowchart decision)