Change the Shape of an Item

Change the style of items in your diagram to give them emphasis, or to create flowcharts.

To choose a shape, right-click on an item (long-press on mobile devices), then choose the shape icon:

The shape menu will open, click to choose the shape that you want to use:

The shapes available in Coggle

Shapes in Coggle

These shapes are available to everyone for free:

  • Text alongside branch (normal Coggle mind map item)
  • Rectangle with points (Coggle mind map root item)
  • Rectangle (normal flowchart step)
  • Oval / Half-rounded Rectangle (flowchart start/end)
  • Text Interrupting Branch (top-down org charts)

The additional shapes are included in all our paid plans:

  • Parallelogram
  • Trapezium
  • Diamond (flowchart decision)