Embed Coggle Diagrams in Microsoft OneNote

Add a Public Coggle Diagram to OneNote

Any links to public Coggle diagrams that you paste into OneNote notebooks will automatically be expanded into a veiw of the Coggle diagram that you can view and navigate directly from the notebook.

Just copy and paste any link to a public Coggle diagram into your OneNote notebook, and it will be automatically expanded.

Add a Private Coggle Diagram to OneNote

To add a private diagram in OneNote you need to use a private link to your diagram:

  1. Open the Coggle diagram you'd like to use in OneNote, and click the sharing icon
  2. Click the "New Link" button to create a new private link.
  3. Click on the link to select it. Then use the [ctrl] + [c] keys to copy it.
  4. Open the OneNote notbook where you want to include the Coggle diagram, and paste the link:
  5. Press enter, and the link will be automatically expanded. Now you can now view your Coggle diagram directly from OneNote!

Note: When you use a private link to add your diagram to OneNote, anyone who you share the notebook with will be able to view your diagram, including future changes you make to it. To revoke this access delete the private link from the sharing dialog within the Coggle diagram.