Linking Coggle with Google Drive

If you use a google account to sign in to Coggle, then you can use the option to organise your Coggle diagrams directly from google drive.

To link google drive you can either:

  1. Open the menu in the top right of the documents list page, and select 'link google drive':
  2. A permissions screen will be displayed, asking you to allow Coggle to create diagrams in drive: 
  3. Navigate to your drive, and you'll see your existing diagrams, with the option to create new ones added to the new file menu:

Or alternatively, install our google drive app: be careful to make sure you're signed in with the same email address you want to use with Coggle.

Tips on using google drive:

  • Diagrams created from Coggle will always be created at the top level of your drive, but you can drag them into folders and they'll remain linked.
  • Folders in Coggle are not included in drive (we don't have access to manage or add things to your google drive folders)
  • You can share coggle diagrams directly from drive by inviting people by email. To create shareable links you must use the sharing options within the diagram.

Note: If you only use a microsoft account to log in to Coggle, then the option to use google drive will not be available.