Link to, or Embed, a Diagram in Presentation Mode

Linking to Presentation Mode

To link to a diagram in presentation mode, either copy the link from the URL bar while the diagram is in presentation mode, or add ?present=1 onto the URL.

Here's an example:

This will open the diagram with the branches collapsed, allowing anyone who views the link to expand them by clicking as they explore the diagram. For diagrams which aren't public, you can use a shareable link to link directly to the diagram.

Linking to a View with Some Items Hidden 

While you are viewing a diagram in presentation mode the URL will also be automatically updated with a &hide= query parameter as you expand and collapse branches. So you can just copy the link from the URL bar to link to the presented version that you're currently viewing.

The format of the hide query parameter is a comma separated list of branches which should be hidden. When automatically constructed this uses the internal IDs of branches, but you can also use the first word or words of the items you want to hide in the list in lowercase, separated by hyphens. For example:,get-started,collaborative

Or instead of hiding specific branches you can also use the expand_level query parameter to set the initial depth of branches which should be shown, for example:

Embedding Presentation Mode

These links all work for embedded diagrams too, just add ?present=1 followed by any of the other options onto the URL used in the embedding code.