Supported Export Formats

Coggle Supports these export formats from the download menu:

  • PDF file (Adobe Portable Document Format). This is a high quality vector PDF file suitable for printing, which includes searchable and selectable text. This is the best format to use for printing your diagram.
  • PNG file (image). The most widely compatible, but without selectable text.
  • mm file (freemind mind map format). Many other mind mapping applications can open this file, although it cannot represent all of the content of a Coggle diagram, like looped branches.
  • plain-text file (.txt outline file). This can be opened in Microsoft Word or other text editors, and uses indentation to represent the branching structure of the diagram. Text is encoded as utf-8.
  • Microsoft Visio .vsdx file. These files can be further edited in Microsoft Visio 2016 or greater if needed.

To open the download menu, click the icon in the top right of any diagram. If you don't see the icon, then the person who has shared the diagram with you has not given you permission to download it, or you might not be logged in:

tip: Plain-text files and .mm files can also be imported by dragging and dropping them onto your diagrams.

Additionally, Coggle Organisations also support a bulk export in the JSON format used by our developer API from the Organisation's settings dashboard.