Exporting Coggle diagram to other software

Export as an Outline

To export as an outline file, choose the "Plain-Text Outline" option from the download menu. The outline file is a text file (using the UTF-8 encoding) with the structure of the Coggle represented by indentation, and can be opened in any word processing application. This is a great way to take an outline created in Coggle that you want to expand into a narrative.
Branches with the same parent are included in a top-to-bottom order in the file – which is worth remembering if you’re crafting a Coggle that you’re planning to export to use as the outline of a story.

Export Microsoft Visio .vsdx File

The Visio option in the download menu produces a .vsdx file compatible with Visio 2010 or greater, as well as other applications. Visio supports basic text formatting, and keeps the information about which items in the diagram are connected.

For more information see this article on Visio export.

Freemind .mm File

The ".mm" option in the download menu will export your Coggle diagram to the freemind file format which many mind mapping applications can open. We generate version 0.9.0 of the .mm file-format – the contents are XML, and as well as opening in a variety of applications the contents can easily parsed or converted into even more formats.
You can also import .mm files by drag & drop onto a new empty Coggle diagram!