Edit collaboratively with others

To invite someone else to edit your diagram with you, use the (+) button in the top right of the diagram, and enter their email address:

They will immediately receive an email inviting them to edit the diagram with you, and their icon will be added to the list of people with access to the diagram, next to your own. Once they click the link in the email and sign in to Coggle, they will be able to open the diagram and edit.

If you need to re-send an invitation email because someone has lost it, then you can add them again, even if they're already in the list, and the email will be re-sent.

You'll see their changes almost instantaneously when they make them, and they'll see your changes too. You can chat with everyone else who's editing the diagram using the messages icon in the top right corner, and see the history of changes made to the diagram by clicking the clock icon.

To manage the permissions of the people you've invited to the diagram (for example, to restrict them to "read-only", so they can't make further changes) click on their icon and drag the permissions slider up or down to the appropriate setting.

Note that anyone with author access to a diagram can also invite new people, and modify the access permissions of other editors, so only invite people you trust to edit your diagrams. Shared folders provide more fine-grained access control, and are best for sharing and editing collaboratively with large groups of people.

Tip: You can invite people and collaborate completely for free, but if you do have one of our paid subscriptions, then the people you invite will also be able to use most of the the advanced paid features while editing your diagram with you.