What is the Coggle Organisation Subscription?

Coggle Organisations are our enterprise grade version of Coggle intended for companies and large teams. Organisations include business friendly features to help control access to data and administer users.

Organisations support Single Sign On (SSO) for secure access without using a google account. Users signing into an Organisation via SSO only have access to the Organisation and cannot create documents outside of the Organisation's control.

Alternatively, if you invite members using Google Accounts to access your Organisation, then your members get a separate area for their work documents, alongside any existing personal area. This keeps a clear separation between their work and personal data.

You can read about the features of Coggle Organisations, and create one, on our main site here:  https://coggle.it/organisations.

Organisations are not intended to be used by individuals, as they require more effort to administer, and offer relatively little advantage over our Awesome plan for single users. If you're unsure if an Organisation is right for you, email  orgs@coggle.it, and we can help understand your requirements!