Create a Coggle Organisation Account

Coggle Organisations (or Organizations, if you prefer our stateside friends’ spelling) are designed for businesses and larger teams with features they need, like user management, single sign on, privacy control, and bulk export.

To create an Organisation:

  1. First you must be logged in to Coggle with a personal account. (If you add single sign on to your Organisation you can remove this account later.)
  2. From the Organisations home page,, click the button to create a new Organisation.
  3. Choose a name for your Organisation (something short and memorable), and enter billing details. There's a one-month trial during which you can cancel without charge.
  4. Click to create your organisation. After a few seconds you’ll be taken to your Organisation’s settings page: here you can drag and drop a recognisable image to use as your team’s icon, add new people in the “Members” section, and customise other settings.
  5. Once you're done click the (X) in the top right to close the settings and start using your Organisation.
To switch between your new Organisation and your personal documents, use the icons along the left side of your screen – everyone you invite to the Organisation will have these separate sections to keep their personal and work documents separate, apart from single-sign on users who will not have the personal area.
Next, read our guide to  getting started with your organisation.