Configure Single Sign On with OneLogin

To configure Single Sign On for Coggle using OneLogin:
  1. First ensure you have created a Coggle Organisation. You must do this using a google account, but you can remove the google account after initial setup if required.
  2. Log in to your OneLogin dashboard, and choose 'Add Apps' from the Apps menu.
  3. Search for "Coggle", and click on the Coggle application to add it:
  4. Choose the name and icons to use for Coggle in your OneLogin dashboard (or accept the defaults), then click 'Save':
  5. After the application has been added successfully its settings page will open. Choose the 'SSO' tab along the top. Copy the 'SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)' URL to your clipboard.
  6. Open your Organisation's settings page in a new window and select the Authentication tab: Paste the "SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)" URL you copied from the SSO settings in OneLogin into the 'Entrypoint (ID Provider SSO URL)' field:
  7. Switch back to the OneLogin browser window, and click the 'view details' link for the X.509 SAML certificate:
  8. Copy the X.509 certificate to your clipboard, then switch back to the Coggle browser window, and paste the value into the 'Certificate' field in the Organisation settings:
  9. Click 'Save', and the URL your Organisation's Single Sign On login page will be displayed. Select this URL and copy it to your clipboard: (You can share this URL with your team – they can use it to log in directly to Coggle without having to open their OneLogin dashboard first)
  10. Switch back to OneLogin, and click the arrow in the top left corner of the Certificate settings page to go back to the Coggle app's settings (no need to save as no changes have been made).
  11. Click the 'Configuration' tab, then paste the login URL into the Login URL field and click 'Save':
  12. Finally, switch to the Users tab of your OneLogin dashboard, and provision the users from your OneLogin team that you want to be a able to use Coggle.
  13. Setup is now complete!

Any users who you assign to the Coggle app in your OneLogin dashboard will be able to log in immediately via your login page, and create and share documents with anyone else in your Organisation.

Please email if you have any questions.

(Optional): Finally, you can remove your original google account from your organisation. To do this you must first grant one or more single-sign-on accounts 'administrator' privileges in your Coggle Organisation's settings. Then when you log in with those accounts you can access the settings page and remove your original google account from the members list.