Transfer a Personal Subscription to a Different Account

To transfer a personal subscriprion (Awesome, Awesome Yearly, or our original Supporter subscription) to a different email address:

  1. Log in with your new email address to create an empty account for that email. It's easiest to do this in a different browser, so you don't have to log out of your current session
  2. Email us from your old login email address (you can see your log-in email on your settings page at, letting us know the new email address to transfer your subscription to.
  3. We will reply to your email once the transfer has been completed.
  4. You can then transfer any diagrams that you want to keep from your old account to your new account

Note: to transfer your membership of an Organisation account (instead of a personal subscription) you must ask the Organisation administrator to invite your new account to the Organisation, and then to remove your old one once you have transferred any diagrams you want to keep.