Create and Share a Template Diagram

To allow other people to use a Coggle diagram you have created as a template, and create copies of it:

  1. In the sharing dialog, click to create a new private link:
  2. Check that the link allows copying (the default behaviour) by seeing that the copy icon on the newly created link is green, and doesn't have a cross through it.
  3. Click on the link to select it, then copy it using the [ctrl] + [c] keyboard shortcut, or with the right-click menu, and paste it into a message or email to send it to the people who would like to use your template.
  4. When people click on this link, they will now have the option to create a copy of the diagram to edit themselves, using the icon in the top right of the page:

Tip: When someone creates a copy of the template, their copy will be private and only accessible to them, unless they share it back with you. If you want to collaborate on the same diagram, then invite them to edit, or send a link which allows editing, instead of sharing the template link.