Create an Org Chart with Coggle

An org-chart (also known as a top-down or hierarchical diagram) is a way of representing the structure of a company, team, or other group.

View and create your own copy of the template diagram created by this tutorial here:, or follow the instructions below to see how it was created!

Tip: This guide is for using Coggle in the brower on desktop, on mobile devices long-press to open the context menu or add items instead of right-clicking.

Creating an Org Chart in Coggle

1. Create a New Diagram

Choose 'Create Diagram' from your documents list page at

2. Give the chart a title

Click on the title item, and enter "Company Org Chart", or your own title.

3. Create the top item of the Org Chart

Right click on the background of the diagram, and choose the (+) icon to create a new item:

This will be the top-level of the org chart. For example, enter the name of the CEO:

Tip: in Coggle, the title of the diagram is always the first item in the diagram. You could build your org chart from the first item, but then the CEO's name would be the title, so creating a new item for the top of the org chart gives you more control.

4. Choose the shape for your Org Chart Items

Right click on the new item, choose the shape option, and then select a shape. In this guide we're going to use the rectangle option, which is included in the free plan.

5. Add second-level items

Now use the (+) button on the bottom of the CEO's item to add more boxes for the people who report to her:

Drag items to position them where you want them. If you've upgraded to the Awesome plan you could also use control points, or change the line style to customise your org chart.

Tip: Branches in Coggle can connect to shapes on any side, and will connect to the closest point. You can use control points to on the lines, or move the items, to change where they connect to.

6. Add third and subsequent levels

Repeat the process, using the (+) buttons on the second level items to add additional levels. Also try adding colours for different groups or divisions.